Bloc Loc Pineapple Ruler ½” x 1”
20th Apr 2019
Coats & Clark All Purpose Thread Cream (400 yards)
20th Apr 2019
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Bloc_Loc Pineapple Ruler ¾” x 1½”


Use both widths for great curved log cabin blocks!

The Bloc_Loc ruler is the easiest way to create Pineapple Blocks EVER!

Create blocks in ANY finished size with ANY sized centre.

With Bloc Loc’s Pineapple Ruler there are NO RESTRICTIONS!

Size of ruler: ¾” x 1 ½”

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  • The Bloc_Loc technology locks onto the seam allowance and allows the quilter to square up in just seconds.
  • There’s no need for a turn-table, lifting the ruler or manually turning the block.
  • Simply place the ruler onto the block with the seam allowance under the patent pending channel and trim the first two sides, then, using light finger pressure, simply turn the ruler around (your fabric moves with the ruler) and square up the other two sides
  • Safe, efficient, and above all else, accurate every time because Bloc_Loc locks onto the seam.
  • Allows your fabric to move as one with the ruler as you turn it! Nothing could be more accurate, easier, faster or safer.
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