by Annie® Zipper Lipstick

R150.00 /m

Why use by Annie’s Zipper?

These zippers are perfect for your purses, totes and bag patterns!

This item is sold in cuts of 25cm (eg: 25cm, 50cm, 75cm)

Each 25cm cut will receive 1 fabric zipper pull in the same colour as the zipper.

Cost per 25cm cut: R37-50

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Minimum quantity is .25
Sold in quantities of .25

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  • Dress/skirt zippers carried by most local stores are too small. The #4.5 size is just the right size for purses, bags, and totes.
  • The wide zipper tape makes insertion easy.
  • By Annie’s handbag zippers are soft and flexible, making them easy to sew through. (No more broken needles!)
  • The nylon coil is strong and durable zip after zip.
  • The extra-long pull makes your bag or purse easy to open.
  • It’s easy to insert a fabric zipper pull in the large opening of the one-piece zipper pull.


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