CHEDDAR & CHOCOLATE: Cocoa Cobblestones

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Cheddar & Chocolate by Pam Buda for Marcus Brothers Fabrics

In response to the heightened call for browns comes a group by Pam Buda, inspired by the many shades of cheddar-colored pumpkins, brown leaves, dark campfire wood, and chocolate treats…These small, classic flower and geometric motifs will create wonderful quilts and home decor for relaxing moments — then just add your own melty grilled cheese (Cheddar) and hot cocoa (Chocolate).

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Manufacturer: MARCUS FABRICS

Manufacturer Item: MF07320112

Description: 100% Cotton

Type: 44”- 45” Wide

Name: Cheddar & Chocolate

Designer: Pam Buda

Colour: Brown

Theme: Reproduction


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