ROXANNE Quilter’s Choice Marking Pencil (Silver)

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Trusted by quilters worldwide, this pencil is pure chalk and 100% water soluble.

A soft pencil that stays sharp. Will rub or wash out.

One silver pencil

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  • It contains no waxes, dyes or harmful chemicals.
  • It glides smoothly and evenly across fabric without crumbling, leaving fine visible lines to guide your quilting stitches.
  • Electric sharpeners quickly form sharp points without wasting half of the pencil.
  • As with all pencils and pens we recommend you test it before using.
  • Available in two naturally occurring colours: white & silver.
  • Pencils are sold individually.

Important: Avoid dropping the pencils on hard surfaces. This can cause the lead to shatter inside the pencils.

Manufacturer: Colonial Needle Co